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Marine Flooring and Carpet

At Kompletely Kustom Marine, Inc. we strive to be at the forefront of the Marine service industry by offering unique services to boat owners abroad. With that being said we offer exclusive marine flooring services for your boat or yacht to include real wood, laminate flooring, and carpet. It is routine services of this nature that is impossible to find a company to provide for the Marine and boating industry. As in other areas of the Marine and boating industry completely custom Marine Incorporated is leading the way and offering these unprecedented services.

If your old boat has conventional teak and holly flooring that has been neglected and unmaintained, a good and economic alternative would be to install new carpet over the wood flooring in your boat. This Marine flooring service has become quite routine on many boats throughout the DC area for completely custom Marine. One of the major benefits of the service is an extreme savings and cost. It is much more economical and time friendly not to restore the original teak and holly flooring. If you are a boat owner and find yourself contemplating what to do in this situation you are not the first one and you are not alone. Give KKM a call today to schedule a free estimate and consultation.

Has a marine carpet in your boat or yacht been heavily worn over the years, or maybe it is just an old style and simply not appealing? We are able to install new carpet in your boat or yacht of your liking. Whether it is a single cabin in your boat that needs new carpet or the entire yacht, one phone call to completely custom Marine will bring new life back to the carpet or wood flooring in your boat.

This is a service that we are able to offer without your boat leaving the slip.

Please do not hesitate to contact us because chances are we are able to perform the specific service that you are looking for.