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Shrink Wrap Services

Winterizing and Shrink wrapping a boat go hand in hand. If you don’t have the option of keeping your boat covered in a climate-controlled boat storage, you should definitely consider shrink wrapping.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Keep moisture and pests out
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Stronger than tarps, boat covers or boat canopies so it can withstand high winds
  • Protects from ice damage
  • Protects your deck and gel coat

Of course, if you have a custom-made cover for your boat, then shrink wrapping will not be needed. However, since it can be quite expensive for a custom-fitted cover, many boaters forgo this investment. But you definitely don't want to go to the other extreme and use just anything to cover your boat for the winter. Here's a couple of covers that Kompletely Kustom Marine does not recommend and why:

  • Tarps - hard to tie down properly and are more susceptible to being blown around by the wind. The tarp tie-downs also tend to become loose throughout the winter resulting in your boat not being properly protected and possibly having the lines scuff your gelcoat.
  • Generic Covers - these can be bought in many boat stores and come in various sizes and materials. Most of them have some type of drawstring along the bottom, however, wind can loosen this string and eventually blow the cover off your boat.

Another very important thing to consider when covering your boat for the winter is the type of support you will need for your cover. If you just lay a cover or tarp across your boat and tie it down, chances are you will run into a problem with water pooling on top of the cover which can compromise the protection of your boat. When Kompletely Kustom Marine's techs shrink wrap your boat, they will install a custom frame to support the cover and allow snow and rain to run off.

The last benefit that we would like to point out about using marine shrink wrap on your boat is the fact that it actually seals your boat for the winter providing that extra protection from things like dirt, debris, ice and varmints looking for a place to hide from the cold.

Here are some pictures of boats being shrink wrapped:

A frame needs to be constructed inside your boat to make the wrap form a tent-like shape so that rain and snow can run off. This way they don't form a pool and freeze which can eventually tear through the wrap.

All sharp or pointy areas need to be wrapped to prevent tearing through the shrink wrap. The belly bands help keep the shrink wrap tight and allows for a tighter seal.

After the wrap is heated, it forms a nice, tight, protective seal all around the boat.

Your boat is a large investment. Protecting it inside and out during the harsh winter months will help to assure you many fun-filled years of enjoyment. Also, don't forget about shrink wrapping your PWC as well.

Winterizing and shrink wrapping can be quite a job. Save yourself the time and hassle by letting the experts at Kompletely Kustom Marine, Inc. take care of it for you.