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Boat Cleaning Services

Wash & Wax

Wherever your boat was stored for the winter, chances are it has collected some dirt. It's always good to do a spring boat wash before starting the new boating season. In northern climates where boats are typically covered and on the hard for six months or more, Kompletely Kustom also recommends waxing twice a year.

Gelcoat is relatively porous, and dirt, oil, grease, salt, slime, mildew, and even pollen can get trapped in those pores. Over time oxidation and color fading can occur due to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Sea air can also cause drying and deterioration. To remedy and prevent this, regular cleaning and waxing should be practiced and greatly prolongs the life of your boat's gelcoat.

When your boat is new, the best way to prolong the life of the gelcoat is to keep it waxed regularly. Doing this can help your gelcoat retain its gloss for 15 years or more.

Boats require boat wax applications on a regular basis to prevent damage. Without this proper protection your boat may become etched, faded, oxidized, rotted, or cracked. Mold and mildew may also start to grow. Your boat should be waxed to keep it "healthy", so to speak. Eventually the soft surface of the gelcoat is eroded due to time and exposure, and leaves your boat dull and chalky. The good news is that the shine can usually be restored by waxing it.

After washing your boat and the hull is dry, it should be shiny. If it is, the boat is ready to be waxed which will fill the pores of the gelcoat and protect it. If it is not shiny, your boat will need to be compounded to restore its luster.

Before compounding, though, try polishing. If your boat is not weathered too badly then it can be polished to help restore the shine. Polish is an abrasive, kind of like extremely fine sandpaper. After polishing, you should then wax your boat to protect the surface. Waxing will also improve its gloss.

If your boat is weathered too badly then compounding will be needed to restore your boat's gelcoat to its original shine.

The good news in all this is that Kompletely Kustom's experienced techs can help you decide what level of care your boat needs. Not only will we give you the best recommendation for your boat's washing, waxing, polishing and compounding needs, but we will do the work for you at the best price around.

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