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Spring Commissioning Services

Spring commissioning - what is it? The winter is over, warm weather and sunshine are filling our days and all we can think about is getting the boat out of storage and into the water. However, being a boat owner, you're well aware of the many preparations that must be done first. Enter the term "spring commissioning" - it sounds simple enough but there's actually quite a bit that goes into preparing a boat for the new boating season. Most likely, you had your boat winterized for the winter season and now it's time to de-winterize it.

Before we get to a basic spring commission checklist, here's some links to additional information on services every boat needs. Click on the following links for more information:

Washing and waxing your boat - this is something you definitely want to have done at the beginning of the new boating season.

Replacing zincs - also known as sacrificial anodes. These should be checked and replaced regularly.

Boat bottom painting - springtime is the perfect time to paint the bottom of your boat if needed. Kompletely Kustom Marine's techs can aid you in picking out the right paint for your boat paint it for you as well.

Dive service - If your boat remained in the water throughout the winter, you might want to consider a dive service. Kompletely Kustom divers can perform barnacle removing, zinc (anode) replacement and propeller repair/replacement while your boat stays in the water.

Oil change - Didn't get your oil changed before the winter? Kompletely Kustom will prepare your engine for the season with a fresh oil change and a new filter if needed.

Of course, each boat will have varying needs, but in general the basic checklist for spring commissioning is as follows:

  • Reinstall and fully charge batteries
  • Remove shrink wrap
  • Seacocks - open and inspect hoses and clamps
  • Inspect/replace water pump impeller
  • Steering system and control cables - inspect and lubricate if necessary
  • Remove antifreeze from engines and waterlines
  • Clean sea strainers
  • Inspect props - repair or replace accordingly

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