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Oil Change Services

Oil change for your boat? Of course you have this done regularly for your car but what about your boat? How often should this be done and why? The life blood of your engine is the oil. Failing to change it on a regular basis can cause tremendous damage and even death to your engine.

If you didn't have your oil changed when your boat was winterized, then you definitely want to do a spring commission oil and filter change. Residual acids and moisture left in the crankcase over the winter can pit bearings and other vital engine parts.

How often should you change the oil in your boat? The best answer will come from your owner's manual but most engine manufacturers recommend that your oil is changed every 50-100 hours.

Whether you use your boat a lot or a little, regular oil changing is a must. The tendency is to think that if you don't use your boat often then you don't have to change your oil as often but this is very far from the truth. Oil can change its makeup over time, becoming acidic and destructive to internal engine parts. So either way you want to make changing the oil a regular part of your boat maintenance.

You want to start the new boating season off right so be sure to include an oil and filter change with your boat's spring commission. Let Kompletely Kustom Marine take some of the pressure off of you by keeping up with the oil change schedule of your vessel. We even have a Monthly Maintenance Plan available that will ensure oil and filter changes on a regular basis along with other important boat and engine servicing.

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