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Testimonials and Reviews

William Michel, VP at Uflex

Daniel, your enthusiasm for the industry and quality customer support was palpable. It is a unique characteristic that certainly helps explain part of your success.

Sarasota, Florida

Joe & Kathy Hellner

As longtime boaters (over 25 yrs) in power and sail, we have always been frustrated with the need to take our boats somewhere and then live with their schedules and delays while missing good weather and time on the water. Kompletely Kustom Marine is the answer to "Can't this be done a better way?" With KKM, your boat gets top quality marina level service, maintenance, and, when needed, shop level major repairs, while it stays in the slip and is ready to go when you are ready to go. Our KKM maintenance contract costs less than for the same annual work we had done in past years by marinas and contractors.

We are new to KKM (Fall 2012) and right away challenged Daniel with a tough job given our boat layout and engine space and which involved replacing the old genset with the boat in the water. Despite the need to make aluminum deck support modifications, the final result, including an improved generator position and mounting of the new control panel, exceeded our expectations. They even pulled and reinstalled our refrigerator to ensure they could properly complete the installation. After they were done, the job site was clean and the boat looked like they had never been there!

Looking ahead, we expect our boating seasons to go more smoothly with less down time because the KKM approach is to get to know their clients and their boats, their boating schedules, and keep them informed of potential problems before they happen.

Baltimore Yacht Club

Josh S.

Daniel and the guys at Kompletely Kustom Marine have been maintaining my classic Grady White for 3 years now. My boat looks spectacular because of the work that they've done and I get thumbs up from other Grady owners all the time! Daniel and his staff are extremely knowledgeable about everything boat related. Whether it's been a simple detail, preventive maintenance, gel coat repair, or even custom fabrication, they always performed above and beyond my expectations and left me with a big smile on my face. I would recommend Daniel to any of my fellow boaters.


Mike DeRycke

I am a Captain as well as an avid boater in general. I began using Kompletely Kustom Marine for a series of projects that I need performed on both of my boats in April of 2010. After initiating service for a serious steering problem and an electronics issue, I agreed to enter in to a monthly maintenance agreement with Kompletely Kustom Marine. The benefits and cost savings of the maintenance program tied together with the general peace of mind knowing that my boats we're being actively inspected and maintained preventing some problems from developing while on the water are for me, priceless. Daniel Deal the founder and owner of Kompletely Kustom Marine went above and beyond in the service provided for the resolution of the mechanical problems I was having with my boats. All of these services we provided and completed promptly and within the agreed to time frames and to be honest I couldn't be happier with the service they have provided.


Tom & Noreen McHugh

I just want to tell you how pleased I am with the work you performed for us. I thought that removing and replacing the fuel tank on our Carver 406 was going to be a major problem. You and your crew made it look easy, I was impressed how you removed the engine and replaced the tank, great job. I was also pleased on how responsive you and your team were, whenever we called someone answered or got right back to us. We are very pleased and would recommend your company to anyone.

Dominic & Julia Pagio

My wife and I contracted with Kompletely Kustom Marine (KKM) earlier this year (2010) for their monthly service package. It was customized to our needs and covers our Sailboat and our powerboat. It provides for monthly inspections of operating systems, exterior and interior maintenance.

We have been very satisfied with their service -- they have been very professional, reliable and responsive. Daniel Deal (the owner) has a strong background in electrical engineering, which is advantageous for troubleshooting any electrical system issues or mechanical problems. All work was performed in a professional fashion and the boats were clean after the work was completed.

We recommend them!


C. Damon Hecker

Kompletely Kustom Marine, led by Daniel Deal, does something I've rarely seen in the boating industry--provide absolutely incredible customer service. I'd call it "Nordstrom-level service". From initial contact through completion of the repairs, the Kompletely Kustom team was stellar. I received answers to all of my questions in a timely manner through email and telephone. I received a call the night before the repair was scheduled to let me know of the schedule. I also received a phone call after the repairs were completed informing me of how things went. After drifting from repair shop to repair shop searching for a company that delivers, I found the company that will do all future repairs on my boat.

National Harbor Marina

Brad Soule

I've worked, lived, and played on commercial and recreational boats for two decades and Kompletely Kustom Marine is one of the best marine service businesses I have ever hired. Daniel is an absolute professional. He shows up when he says he will, gives you an honest estimate, and doesn't cut corners. Daniel helped bring a 40 year old engine that hadn't run in over 3 years back to life on my 1972 trawler. Thank you so much for your good work!

Gang Plank Marina

Kurt Fischer

I wanted to write this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the maintenance and repair services performed this past year for Kool Breeze. Since last year we have participated in the Monthly Maintenance Package, with the optional Dive Services and Bottom Painting, etc. Based on our participation in the program we have had a nice summer of cruising and have been able to use the boat when we wanted to. In the past before participation in the KKM Program, there have always been problems that seem to be only detected while on the water.

Recently Kool Breeze was a participant in the Old Town Boat Parade of Lights in Alexandria, VA. We docked and spent the night at the City Pier courtesy of Old Dominion Boat Club. We all had a blast in Old Town. Again I want to thank you for offering this great preventative maintenance program that allows family, friends, and me to fully enjoy the boating season.

Member of Capital Yacht Club, Washington DC

Jodie Knox

My husband and I had the worst day of our boat ownership experience today. We severed a transmission cable while in the middle of a tight space surrounded by expensive boats we were desperately trying to avoid hitting. Kompletely Kustom Inc. was working on a boat near us and saw our distress. They ran to an open slip and had four employees run over and use lines and fenders to work us into the slip. This would have been enough but Dan, the company's owner, spent the next three hours on our boat diagnosing and fixing our problem AND rode with us to the fuel pier just in case something were to happen again.

On top of all this, when we returned to the pier we connected our shore power only to find that our shore power plug had burned. Kompletely Kustom Marine. worked on our boat until 8:30pm to ensure we had a safe solution that would keep our boat warm on a 20degree night in December. I cannot rave loudly enough about this company. I have experienced the bad side of boat service providers and I have finally found a company that is simply wonderful. I am never one to comment on blogs or write reviews but I was so satisfied and overwhelmed with the level of genuine care and immediate attention provided by this company that I could not go to bed this evening without giving a well deserved THANK YOU to Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc.. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Member of Capital Yacht Club, Washington DC

Chuck Wilkinson

I recently had my Bravo 1 outdrive fitted with a replacement lower unit by Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc.. I am very impressed with the level of service I received. I was in a difficult situation that other companies had refused to help me with, and Dan Deal empathized with my situation, and was willing to help. He went above and beyond the call, got the job done, and got me back out on the water. I was most impressed with the fact that he stayed in touch with me. Returned my calls promptly, and kept me informed about the process. These days, there aren't many companies you can say that about.

Kent Island, MD

Albert Curley

Over the last several years I have dealt with multiple organizations providing service, each proved disappointing. I recently contacted Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc. to provide some help in resolving several pressing issues. Their representative responded immediately, identified the problems, and much to my surprise made me aware of other real and potential mechanical and electrical issues which had not been noted by me or other servicing organizations previously working on the boat.

They are extremely committed to customer service; expert in all nautical mechanical and electrical installations and processes; and took the time to explain every action they took, and the reasons for every recommendation they made. They are the complete service package that I have been seeking and I plan on using them for future servicing of my boat.

Bay Bridge Marina

Mike Markovich

Customer Oriented! Dan was very easy to work with and explained what he was doing every step of the way. I was able to learn more information about my boat from him then I would have reading it from a book.

Hoffmasters Marina

Brian Brennan

I had my 22ft Dixie power boat winterized and shrink wrapped by Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc. Service for the first time in November 2009. As everybody knows we got 8ft of snow between December 2009 and February 2010 and the shrink held up through it all!!

I felt for the money I got a great deal because I didn't have to lift a finger for the first time in 10 years of putting the boat up for the winter. In the spring when I uncovered the boat it was as clean as I left it in November and the engine started on the first try. I would recommend Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc. Service to anyone. Thanks for a great job.

Crownsville MD

Pete Pellegrino

I recently experienced serious problems with the A/C control system on my boat. We had tried several repair steps to solve the problem and two other electricians had failed to diagnose and solve the problem. Daniel took on the challenge and saw the problem through to its solution. I would highly recommend Daniel for any electrical problems you might have.

Member of Capital Yacht Club, Washington DC

Marc Papi

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for helping us out of a bad situation. Our boat overheated it's starboard engine in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay and we had to limp in on one engine. We were stuck 2 days from our home port when I spoke to KKM and arranged for someone to come and diagnose our problem. After KKM had a chance to troubleshoot the engine and we agreed to a plan of attack, KKM jumped right in and began making the necessary repairs.

I liked the fact that KKM communicated their progress on a daily basis and I never had to worry about the status of repairs. The best part was when KKM told me the engine hadn't suffered any mechanical breakdown from the overheating. The worry of needing diesel engine repairs so far from home was put to rest by KKM and I thank you for that. I look forward to doing more business with Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc. in the future when we decide on what upgrades we want for the boat.

New Jersey

John R. Mulkey

I have completed an inspection of the two Raritan head installations which you recently completed. I must complement you on the neat installation and very professional performance of the project. We will certainly give you a call on future work.

Mears Point Marina

Mike Tuck

Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc. has been a real find for servicing my boat. Daniel has been very responsive and knowledgeable in determining the source of problems I had this past summer. The fact that he comes to your boat to work on it makes it extremely convenient. The rates charged by Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc. are competitive with other marine services. The work done by Daniel has been top-notch and he shows the diligence to make sure everything is right. There is no other marine service I'll use for my boat than Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc.

Annapolis Landing

CPO Benjamin Townley (USCG)

Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc. was completely on time. The saw me the same day I called, gave me a professional survey and estimate of the repairs that needed to be done, and got the job done right. I would gladly recommend them to anybody requiring vessel repairs or services in the Virginia, Maryland, or D.C. area, or any of my fellow military members. I had repairs that had to be done and were time sensitive, and they came through with flying colors.

National Harbor Marina

Derek Casper and Floating Bear

Dan and Kompletely Kustom Marine,

I wanted to thank you and your crew for all of the hard work you have put into my boat over the past year. From the moment I got my estimate for my project I had 100% confidence you could come through with my vision of the final product. What I had wanted was for you to turn some unused space into a room that I could use year round. Also I wanted a general upgrade of things that had been overlooked for years prior to me owning it. Every project was completed with care, and great quality. Most people that come by do not believe my boat is now 32 years old. Also, when my neighbors come over they are impressed with the wood work and construction of the boat. I am proud to say Kompletely Kustom Marine did all of the work.

I would like to especially point out the entire reverse cycle HVAC system you installed works superbly! When it was cold this winter I could keep my boat at an even 68 degrees, and when it was hot in July I could keep my boat at an even 72 degrees.

Lastly, not only did you do great work, you also checked up on the construction well after the project was over. It was nice to know after a hard rain you would call to see if anything was leaking and if anything was you would come over and remedy the problem if there was one. Although nothing leaked even through Super Storm Sandy, I watched the storm from the cockpit you had renovated and never had an issue.

Again, thank you for the extra time and effort your crew put into my boat. I love the work, I'm still amazed by how well it turned out, and I'm proud to tell everyone your company did 100% of the work.