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Compact, Affordable, Reliable Watermakers from 200 to 700 GPD

Standard Features

  • Compact Physical Dimensions
  • Low Electrical Consumption
  • Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Frame
  • 316ss High-Pressure Pump
  • Fresh Water Rinse with Charcoal Filter
  • Thin-Film Spiral-Wound Membranes
  • Precision Inlet Feed Pressure Gauge
  • High Quality Feed Pump
  • 5 Micron Prefilter
  • Product Water Sample Port
  • Rigorous Lab Testing of all Membranesand Components
  • Unmatched Service!

Optional Features

  • Salinity Monitoring System (4009-UPGD)
    This option monitors and displays product water salinity eliminating the need for hand sampling or taste testing prior to putting water into your tanks. The digital readout will indicate whether the product water is "good" or "bad."
  • Automatic Product Diverter (PKG-3000-1/4)
    Used in conjunction with the 4009-UPGD this option adds another layer of convenience and protection by automatically diverting the Product Water to your tanks or overboard based on the salinity reading.
  • Unattended Rinse Package (AR-1/4-ISL)
    This option provides the operator the means to rinse the watermaker after every 7 days, without having to be onboard. Simply place the switch in the rinse position before leaving the boat or if you don't plan on using the watermaker for an extended period. As long as power and fresh water pressure are available to the unit, a fresh water rinse will occur immediately and then every 7 days after that until the switch is placed in the run position.

Physical Specifications

Model Membranes
qty / length / diam.
Length Depth Height Weight*
ISL-700 2 / 40" / 2.5" 50.0" 18.0" 16.0" 165.0

Operating Specifications

Model Yr. 1 Capacity* Yr. 2 Capacity* Horsepower H.P. Pump Flow Power**
GPD / GPH / LPH GPD / GPH / LPHFeed Pump H.P. Pump Gallons/Minute
ISL-700235 / 9.8 / 37.1 769 / 32.0 / 121.31/3 1 1.5 13.9amps @ 115v
60Hz, 1-phase, 1.6kwh

*Standard Test Conditions:
Pressure: 900 PSI
Source Water: Salinity 35,000 ppm, pH 7, temp. 77F/25C
Product Flow: +/- 15% at standard conditions