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Fuel Stabilizers

Fuel is actually an organic material which begins to deteriorate the moment it leaves the refinery. By the time you pump fuel into your tank, it has already aged quite a bit. Then it continues to age and degrade as it sits in your tank. Did you know that the deterioration process is actually accelerated during combustion?

What happens when fuel ages?

Masses of carbon, gum and resin form in the fuel. The masses become too large to burn completely, therefore compromising the combustion process. This makes the engine more difficult to start which reduces your fuel economy and increases harmful emissions. For boaters who use their vessels infrequently, this can be quite a problem.

Can anything be done about fuel deterioration?

Yes! You can stop the aging process. If the fuel is kept in balance, then aging does not occur. It can be kept chemically stable by adding fuel treatments, hence the title “Fuel Stabilizers”.

How do Fuel Stabilizers work?

The enhanced chemistry in fuel stabilizers react with your fuel immediately. They work within the gasoline to keep the fuel at peak stability not only during storage but throughout the combustion process as well. The aging process is halted, therefore the masses of carbon, gum and resin do not form.

What to expect by treating every tank with a Fuel Stabilizer:

  • More power from your engine
  • Increased economy due to fuel being burned more efficiently
  • A cleaner engine and fuel system
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Extended engine life

As you can see, just taking a small extra step by adding a fuel stabilizer to every tank of fuel can save you money now by causing your fuel to be burned more efficiently and can also save you large amounts of money in the long run by keeping your engine and fuel system cleaner and extending the life of your engine.

If you’re not sure which fuel stabilizer to use, one of Kompletely Kustom Marine’s technicians can help you choose the best one for your vessel.

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