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Winter-Time Tips

Even though you have your boat winterized, that doesn't mean that you can just forget about it for the winter. Anything can happen during those long, cold months and it's better to catch any problems sooner rather than later. Here's a list of tips and issues to watch out for:

  • Obviously marinas won't be as busy over the winter so it's easier for equipment to come up missing. Electronics and other valuables that can be dismounted should be taken home for safekeeping.
  • Anything that is a fire hazard should be stored ashore such as: spare cooking fuels, charcoal, paints, thinners, varnish and portable propane canisters.
  • It's a good idea to leave at least one fully charged fire extinguisher in clear sight.
  • It's best to take bunk cushions home but if you don't, then at least prop them up.
  • To help circulate air and inhibit mildew, open locker doors, hatches, ice box lids, etc.
  • If your boat will remain in the water, the thru-hulls have to be protected by closing all seacocks and gate valves.
  • Just winterizing is not enough - be sure to have a plan for covering your boat as well. See our section on shrink wrapping your boat.
  • Make sure that the marina manager has an extra key for your boat with your contact information in case any emergencies come up and you can't get there quickly.
  • Visit your boat often to check the lines, drains, bilges, cover, etc. If you're not able to go on a regular basis perhaps you can arrange with a fellow boat-owner to take turns checking on each other's boat.

The above list is not exhaustive so just keep in mind, if suddenly a thought comes to you about a potential issue with your boat, follow your instinct and check on it - better safe than sorry.

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