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Frequently Asked Questions

About KKM

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you work on? add remove

At Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc. we have worked on everything from Jet-Ski’s, Mega Yachts, Pleasure Crafts, Commercial Ships, and everything in between. Our niche market usually ranges from 35′ to 100′.

Do you work on all engines? add remove

For the most part YES. However, since we are not “servicing dealers” for all of the engine manufacturers, our resources are limited at times, therefore preventing us from performing certain detailed diagnostics and overhauls. It is always a good idea to ask if we can perform the task at hand if you are unsure. With that being said, we have close working relationships with multiple dealers in the area, and we would be happy to refer a factory authorized dealer if their services are needed.

Do you do electronic installations? add remove

Yes. We love to install radars, GPS’s, autopilots etc. Also wind instruments, TV antennas, stereos, speakers, speed/depth, VHF radios and more. We are trusted to do installs on brand new yachts for numerous boat dealers, so that should speak for itself! If you are looking for the highest value solution, Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc. is the right choice for you. We pride ourselves in 100% quality service and installation. We use top of the line products and materials.

What marinas will you work at? add remove

See a full list of our locations here.

Do you do battery installations? add remove

Yes. We are very competitive and sell only quality marine DEKA batteries. Also we perform routine battery services, and diagnostics.

Do you do sailboat rigging? add remove

We specialize in all aspects of marine service and repair however sail boat rigging is a specialized craft all by itself. Therefore we would decline to propose a project in that area, but we would be happy to refer you to someone who specializes in that area.

Do you repair winches, windlasses, and electric motors? add remove

Yes. Some repairs can be done same day, while other repairs may take longer, due to parts availability.

How do you bill and get paid? add remove

We bill via an electronic commerce on the internet whenever possible. We try to detail exactly what was done and what parts were used. We accept cash, check (paid in advance), and all major credit cards (preferred method). We usually invoice our customers within 24 hours of job completion. Most smaller jobs are done first, then invoiced. Larger jobs may require a deposit. Electronic jobs always require a deposit. Payment is due upon completion of service and/or parts rendered.

What is your labor rate? add remove

Our minimum labor rate is $75 per hour (per person) for most jobs. However, our preferred method of service is to provide an upfront estimate and after receiving approval, we schedule the service and perform it accordingly.

Why do you discourage appointments? add remove

We charge extra to be at a specific place at a specific time or day, unless we have nothing to do which is rare. We usually travel in teams and travel with lots of tools and supplies. It is very inefficient for us to have to pack up from a boat, clean up, and move to yours at a certain time. Sometimes you do a job that you think might be a 2 hour job but it turns out to be an 8 hour job. Bottom line… It just does not work for us. We require a description of work needed and access to the boat. It will get done as promised and expected. If you are determined to meet, and discuss potential repairs and projects, provide as much notice as possible and we will schedule accordingly.

What don't you do? add remove

We will not work for someone who doesn’t understand 100% quality and value of service. We believe in 100% quality and with that we incur additional costs which are transferred to the customer.

What if the prices are too high? add remove

If you feel we were too high in our charge, unfair, or unreasonable, give us a call. We will describe what we did, why it took the time, what was used, etc.

Any guarantees? add remove

First of all, you are guaranteed to be satisfied. If we sell you a part that is bad at install or up to 60 days later, we will pay to remove it and reinstall it for no additional cost. We also offer a LIFETIME Warranty on all electrical work. If you are unhappy with the quality of work and notify us within 60 days, we will redo it (for the record, this has never happened). We are always fair, sometimes to the point where customers send us money when we say we will do it gratis, because they think we went too far. We also receive more than we bill sometimes, again because the customer knows we went above and beyond.

Can I supply my own parts? add remove

Absolutely! That saves us time and frustration. However, we cannot warranty any parts that you provide along with its associated service. So make sure that you get the parts from a reputable company, and that it is the right part for the right job.

How far will you travel to work on my yacht? add remove

We will travel anywhere in the world!!! Literally, we mean anywhere in the world. As you can probably figure out, there will be some additional expenses incurred for extended travel service. We have traveled quite a bit, however our services have not been needed outside of the country (and its territories) yet. But we are ready, willing, and able to travel when and wherever needed.


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