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KKM Rewards Program

KKM Reward Program

As a Rewards member, you'll enjoy a host of privileges. Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc. offers many opportunities to tailor the program to your personal interests. Every Rewards member receives the following membership benefits designed to make every service convenient and prompt.

Our Rewards Program* is very simple and straight forward. You will benefit from priority service, free service calls*, and a free annual inspection. From time to time we also offer 1.5x and 2x point offers, along with other numerous points & service specials. Please refer to the “Monthly Specials” page of the website for up to date information.

Membership is $50* annually and Rewards points can be redeemed for a variety of services* including but not limited to: bottom painting, winterization, shrink wrapping, washing, waxing, oil changes, drive services, engine alignments, electronics installations, etc.

You will receive 10 points for every dollar spent on labor. Our labor rate is $75 per hour. Therefore you would earn 750 points for every hour you spend on labor. You may accumulate these points for up to 2 years from the date they were earned (you can only earn the points after their associated invoices have been paid). All points will expire after 2 years.

Points redemptions are subject to availability. From time to time, we are booked a month or more in advance, due to our fair and honest services. You may not give or transfer points to another Rewards member. However, you may purchase additional points. Further more, you may only redeem points for free services to vessels that you specifically own. You can not earn points for money spent on parts independently or parts that are part of a service. Please note that “points based services” do not include any parts or materials, they are billed in addition to your free service. Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc. reserves the right to refuse service at anytime without probable cause or reason, although we have never exercised this right.

Boat Winterization

  • 12,000 pts – up to 20′
  • 18,000 pts – 20′-24′
  • 21,000 pts – 25′-29′
  • 42,000 pts – 30′-39′
  • 66,000 pts – 40′-49′
  • 84,000 pts – 50′-59′

Shrink Wrapping

  • 24,000 pts – up to 20′
  • 33,000 pts – 20′-24′
  • 39,000 pts – 25′-29′
  • 45,000 pts – 30′-34′
  • 51,000 pts – 35′-39′
  • 57,000 pts – 40′-44′

Other Services

  • 6,000 pts – Oil Change (8cyl gas, 4cyl diesel, 10kW generator)
  • 9,000 pts – Oil Change (6+8cyl diesel, 20kW generator)
  • 12,000 pts – Oil Change (8cyl diesel, 30kW generator)
  • 6,000 pts – Coolant Service (up to 5 gallons)
  • 6,000 pts – Basic Drive Service
  • 1,800 pts – Fuel Filter Service
  • 9,000 pts – 1 Free Hour of Labor

The free service call covers the first 20 miles, after that you will be billed at $1.00 per mile.

Free services may incur additional costs for parts, travel time, and/or extra labor needed to complete a job. It is always a good idea to call in advance to get an estimate when you require a service or repair, whether it is free or not.

The $50 annual fee for the Rewards Program is non- refundable.


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