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Winterization FAQ

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Winterization FAQ

Do I need to winterize my boat? add remove

Yes. Leaving your boat sit throughout the cold winter months unprepared for the harsh weather is not recommended. The little bit you pay to have your boat winterized is worth way more than what it will cost to replace a cracked engine block, busted pipes, plumbing lines or sewage tanks. Also, the damage caused from not winterizing your boat may not be covered under your insurance policy.

Gas Tank - empty, full or in between? add remove
  • It is recommended that you fill your gas tank(s) completely thus lessening the chance of condensation forming inside the tank and then freezing.
Fuel Additive - is it necessary? add remove

Yes. Fuel preservative does just what it states – it helps to keep the fuel from deteriorating and evaporating. You can read more about fuel stabilizers in our article HERE

Should I change my oil and fuel filters at the time of winterization? add remove

Even if you haven’t reached the suggested hours for an oil change, it is recommended that you have it changed before storing your boat for the winter to avoid corrosion inside your engine. Acid and water can accumulate in the oil as your running your boat throughout the season, especially if you do a lot of slow-speed operating.


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