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Propeller Repair

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Propeller Repair

Kompletely Kustom Marine offers prop repair and/or replacement services. Whether you just have some dings, bent blades or major propeller damage, we got you covered. We service aluminum props, bronze, nibral, as well as stainless steel props.

Did you know that a bent blade or nick will severely affect performance and could even damage your engine and transmission? Also, if you notice your boat becoming sluggish, slow to start or difficult to accelerate, it could be due to an issue with your prop. Dinged or damaged props can also affect your fuel efficiency, causing you to have to fill up more frequently.

You may think that just a small ding is no big deal – think again. A propeller effects a multitude of things on your boat and even the smallest of issues should never be left neglected.

Don’t ever ignore a vibration coming from your prop, it could lead to a slow death for your lower unit. Eventually an unbalanced prop can lead to failure of the hub that provides a shock absorber between the propeller and the prop shaft. Sometimes the vibration gets so severe, it can ruin the prop shaft bearing and could result in having to replace the whole lower unit.

Kompletely Kustom Marine Propeller Repair

Another major issue is a spun hub which can happen if your prop hits a hard object. The inner hub will break or “spin,” protecting the drivetrain. Once a hub is spun, there is sometimes enough friction to operate at a low RPM and “limp” home. However, when the RPM is increased, the engine revs with little to no acceleration.

Sometimes damage is due to grounding or hitting something hidden in the water, or sometimes it’s just due to worn out blades. It’s always a good idea to have your props checked on a regular basis.

Whatever the issue is, give KKM a call. We’ll assess the situation, give you a competitively priced estimate for either repairing or replacing the propeller, and then get you back up and boating in no time.

Completely On Time

They saw me the same day I called, gave me a professional survey and estimate of the repairs that needed to be done, and got the job done right. I would gladly recommend them to anybody requiring vessel repairs or services in the Virginia, Maryland, or D.C. area, or any of my fellow military members.

CPO Benjamin Townley (USCG)

Great Service

Dan was professional, responsive and had us back up and running as soon as possible

Trish Hines

High Quality Work

This has been the 2nd time in 6 month for winterizing & un-winterizing (preparing for boating season) that we have used Kompletely Kustom to have our 59/60 ft Marquis Motoryacht serviced and I have been absolutely impressed with their quality of work, customer service, attentiveness, responsiveness and overall a pleasure to work with.

Susan V.

Best Winterization Service

Fast and courteous service. Great communication. I would go no where else to have my boat protected for the winter!

Eliza J.

Great People to Work With!

KKM truly cares about their clients and I can honestly say that they do strive to be number one in service and customer relations.

Debbie N.

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