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Electrical Services

Marine electrical systems are one of the things that Kompletely Kustom Marine Inc, has been known for. Our staff not only has extensive knowledge and hands on experience with AC/DC marine electrical systems; some of them are actually college educated in Electrical Engineering.

Whether you need simple battery replacement or a complete rewire of the vessel, KKM is the only phone call you will ever need to make. We always say, we just don’t install – we engineer. We do everything according to or better than the ABYC standards and practices. These are the same guidelines that boat builders across the country use. With that being said you can’t go wrong.

Did you know that when Kompletely Kustom Marine performs an electrical service that it comes with a lifetime installation warranty!!! We are able to offer this warranty, because we use nothing but the best marine grade materials that are available on the market. All of our wire connections are covered with an epoxy lined heat shrink. Not only does this protect the electrical connection, it also makes it 100% water proof and literally guarantees it for life!!! Combine that with using Type III tin coated wire and electrical terminals – our marine and boat electrical service comes second to none!!!

We have wired boat trailers for customers literally more than a decade ago, and to this day the only thing they have had to do was change a light bulb from time to time!!!

Setting precedents and leading the way is nothing new for Kompletely Kustom. We do what no one else can.

For example – Custom breaker panels for boats and yachts of all sizes. If it is time to upgrade or simply replace the outdated breaker panels that can no longer keep up with the electricity demands of the modern boater, we can handle it. Not only can we perform the service, we can also design and manufacture the panel with any number/kind of custom engraving or insignia that you may want. We also offer custom backlighting for easy visibility when light is minimal. On top of that, we can implement any number of vessel alarms that you may want, from a “high water alarm” to a “CO2 alarm”.

Another example – Engineering and rewiring a complete DC electrical system on a boat. Many older boats were not built with today’s standards, and therefore the longevity of their on board systems is greatly shortened compared to today’s standards. A common problem with the older boat electrical systems is that they can be over complicated and difficult to understand their operation – in other words, over engineered!!! At Kompletely Kustom Marine, we can take the guess work out of your boat or marine electrical system for you. Even if you don’t necessarily need any service, we are always available for consultation to help answer any questions that you may have.

Another example – Are you a year round live aboard and need heat in the winter?? Boats that have on board reverse cycle heat are limited to how warm they can keep their boat on the really cold times of winter. The reverse cycle heat doesn’t really work too good when the water temperature starts to drop below 50 degrees. When that happens, most live aboards plug in electric heaters throughout their boat (which is a severe fire hazard), and overload their boat’s electrical system. This can and will create a fire. KKM has come up with a solution to modify your boat’s electrical system to provide you with sufficient electrical power during the cold winter months, to keep those heaters running!!!

The electrical services, repairs, and upgrades that are offered by Kompletely Kustom Marine, are extensive and include but are not limited to the following:

If you do not see the service that you require listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us because chances are we are able to perform the specific service that you are looking for.

Completely On Time

They saw me the same day I called, gave me a professional survey and estimate of the repairs that needed to be done, and got the job done right. I would gladly recommend them to anybody requiring vessel repairs or services in the Virginia, Maryland, or D.C. area, or any of my fellow military members.

CPO Benjamin Townley (USCG)

Great Service

Dan was professional, responsive and had us back up and running as soon as possible

Trish Hines

High Quality Work

This has been the 2nd time in 6 month for winterizing & un-winterizing (preparing for boating season) that we have used Kompletely Kustom to have our 59/60 ft Marquis Motoryacht serviced and I have been absolutely impressed with their quality of work, customer service, attentiveness, responsiveness and overall a pleasure to work with.

Susan V.

Best Winterization Service

Fast and courteous service. Great communication. I would go no where else to have my boat protected for the winter!

Eliza J.

Great People to Work With!

KKM truly cares about their clients and I can honestly say that they do strive to be number one in service and customer relations.

Debbie N.

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