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Warranty Center

KKM Warranty Center

First of all, you are guaranteed to be happy. If we sell you a part that is bad at install or up to 60 days later (this could change depending upon the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines and protocols), we will pay to remove it and reinstall it. We also offer a LIFETIME Warranty on all electrical work (please read below).

If you are unhappy with the quality of work and notify us within 60 days, we will redo it (fyi…this has never happened). We have no enemies and like it that way. We are always fair, sometimes to the point where customers send us money when we say we will do it gratis, because they think we went too far. We also receive more than we bill sometimes, again because the customer knows we went above and beyond.

Marine Electrical Warranty

Kompletely Kustom Inc. offers an exclusive lifetime warranty on all electrical work that we do. Unfortunately this warranty excludes component failure. What we mean is, if we install a new stereo and the associated wiring, and 10 years later the stereo go’s bad, the associated wiring and installation is warranted. Then you will have to buy a new stereo and pay for us to install it.

The reason we are able to offer a lifetime warranty is because we install everything according to ABYC Standards. Also we use only the best materials that money can buy and we will not substitute!!! We use type 3 tin coated wire, adhesive lined heat shrink, and high quality stainless steel hardware, therefore ensuring waterproof and rust/corrosion proof connections. Furthermore, we don’t just install, we engineer!



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