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ISL Series

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ISL Series

The ISL series water maker and desalination system is specifically designed for the smaller vessels, for power and sailboats alike. These units are built with size and mine along with complete versatility for installation in both modular and frame mounting configurations. These units are made from high-quality aluminum and stainless steel with size and ruggedness at the forefront of the design.

The ISL series marine water maker desalination systems offer anywhere between 200 and 700 gallons per day of fresh water. Generally speaking, if you have a recreational vessel 50 feet in length or less, the Islander series is the water maker and desalination system that you need for your boat.

Kompletely Kustom Marine is an authorized dealer for Watermakers, Inc. and offers complete sales, service, and warranty repair for all of their products with the utmost quality and professionalism in mind.

ISL Products

We offer the following products and services from Watermakers, Inc.:

Kompletely Kustom Marine watermakers ISL Series

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